Our Attorneys at Bouchard, Kleinman and Wright have over 50 years of experience in specializing in civil litigation, subrogation, products liability, insurance defense, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, landlord and tenant law. Memberships and associations include the New Hampshire, Manchester, Massachusetts and Maine State Bar Associations, National Association of Subrogation Professionals, Charles E. Doe Inns of Court, and the National Fire Protection Association.


Modern and innovative, BKW Law breaks the mold with our New Hampshire attorneys. We are down-to-earth, competitively priced, and have deep specialist knowledge.
Specialists in a variety of fields, your matters will be expertly handled. We’ll give you legal services in plain English.
BKW Law is an independent New Hampshire law firm with more than 1 highly qualified attorney at law. We’re friendly, flexible and always on hand to help.
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I chose to work this firm over others because of the way they got back to me in a timely fashion, friendliness of the firm, also they treated me with dignity. I’ve been friends with Paul for 10+ years, he’s definitely a people person. I had to retain an attorney, because I had a workman’s comp situation where I had 4 different surgeries on my arm. I left messages with 3 different law firms, and got a call back from Paul right away.”
Robin Patria
“Very comfortable working relationship. Paul is easy to talk with. I was advised well. I really got the sense that he was working with us vs. he is the lawyer and knows best. Was honest around advising what input we provided wouldn’t serve us well. If I sent Paul an email at 7:00 PM at night I heard back by 7:30 PM. We were extremely pleased with response times.”
David Villoti
“Excellent, they always call back, kept me informed, and sent me copies of paperwork including court papers. Always sending updates if I need to know something. Paul’s pleasant to work with. Explains things easily so that they can be understood. Has handled husband’s case. Is now handling my case. He is the best.
Linda Sanborn
“Not a lot of experience with lawyers but experience with the firm was very positive. Happy to see that they had such a dedicated work ethic and were intelligent at the same time. Loved the outcome.”
Christine Simco
“I would certainly recommend Nicholas Wright Esq. for any legal issues. He has helped me and my family out in a couple different situations with outstanding results. Nicholas was very empathetic to our situation, very thorough and very diligent. He explained my options, and worked with me to help determine which was the best option for me and my family. Mr. Wright did a great job for us and I am confident he will do the same for anyone else.”
Jeffrey L.
“Nicholas Wright is a professional and dedicated Attorney. He was very trustworthy, and empathetic to my situation. I would highly recommend him to others.”
Melissa P.
“Nicholas Wright has worked on two cases for me in the past with excellent results. The first was an automobile accident that went on for four years and went to trial. The result was a “grand slam”. I was found not negligent, and the plaintiff was awarded no money. The second case was a small claims case for $15,000.00. I was not having any luck collecting any money at all, so I decided to have Attorney Wright help out. Through his expertise, I was able to get the defendant to finally show up in court and to start paying off his debt. Nicholas Wright is an excellent trial attorney who is very knowledgeable and competent. He, himself, and through his office, has excellent communication skills. I was always kept up-to-date on what was happening with either case. He persevered through the tangled web to see the end result. His quality of work is excellent. I would recommend him to my family, friends or anybody who is looking for a good attorney who is honest.”
Michael T. Gearty
“I have employed 7 attorneys over my lifetime and attorney Wright was the first I felt I could trust shortly into our relationship. He is very upfront and will give you no illusions as to your probabilty for successs. Too many attorneys will paint a nice picture while gobbling up your retainage. Nick was always available for phone calls and e-mails. If he was out of the office, a very pleasant and knowledgeable support staff was available for help. My mother broke her wrist and it was improperly set. I sought out Nick for help. Hopefully, you can resolve your problems with the help of attorney Wright as I did.”
Steve P.


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