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I chose to work this firm over others because of the way they got back to me in a timely fashion, friendliness of the firm, also they treated me with dignity. I’ve been friends with Paul for 10+ years, he’s definitely a people person. I had to retain an attorney, because I had a workman’s comp situation where I had 4 different surgeries on my arm. I left messages with 3 different law firms, and got a call back from Paul right away.”
Robin Patria
“Very comfortable working relationship. Paul is easy to talk with. I was advised well. I really got the sense that he was working with us vs. he is the lawyer and knows best. Was honest around advising what input we provided wouldn’t serve us well. If I sent Paul an email at 7:00 PM at night I heard back by 7:30 PM. We were extremely pleased with response times.”
David Villoti
“Excellent, they always call back, kept me informed, and sent me copies of paperwork including court papers. Always sending updates if I need to know something. Paul’s pleasant to work with. Explains things easily so that they can be understood. Has handled husband’s case. Is now handling my case. He is the best.
Linda Sanborn
“Not a lot of experience with lawyers but experience with the firm was very positive. Happy to see that they had such a dedicated work ethic and were intelligent at the same time. Loved the outcome.”
Christine Simco


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