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New Law Allows Landlords to Charge Up to One Year of Rent Up Front

In a somewhat under the radar statutory change that took effect July 26, 2014, the legislature specifically permitted rent to be charged on a quarterly or less frequent basis. While a landlord is still prohibited from charging more than the equivalent of one month’s rent as a security deposit, under new language added to RSA [...]

“Discovery” Can Take Time But is a Critical Part of a Lawsuit

Clients often ask why their lawsuit is taking so long to resolve. The slow turning of the wheels of justice is a source of understandable frustration for clients, especially for those with cases that appear relatively simple and straightforward. Notwithstanding our efforts to bring matters to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible, key elements [...]

New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Panels

Next year will mark a decade since New Hampshire lawmakers passed legislation creating a unique system for handling medical malpractice cases. Concerned with the rising price of medical malpractice insurance and the associated financial and treatment impacts those skyrocketing costs were having on doctors and patients, the legislature in 2005 started requiring that all medical [...]