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If you are looking for an experienced copyright lawyer inManchester, NH, BKW Law is a great place to start. Since 1983, BKW Law has served the southern NH area, establishing itself as fair and reliable specialists in a variety of legal fields.

Copyright infringement is now being litigated across the world, as people have become much more protective of their intellectual and artistic property rights. Federal copyright law has very sharp teeth and can be used very effectively to protect copyrighted work and pursue those who infringe upon it. Recent news has focused on the number of copyright cases now in the courts. It is important to have quality representation for copyright infringement because it is a serious offense. In the past, if people posted pictures online that were taken by somebody else, there usually wasn’t much legal action taken. It was often assumed that these photographs or images were in the public domain, when, in fact, they are the property of the person who took the photograph. Today, people are becoming much more aware of citing their sources. Even so, the number of copyright infringement claims and cases is increasing. Artists and photographers now realize they have been losing track of where their work is being published and they are suing those who use their material without permission. They now routinely scan the internet with specialized software to find who might be unlawfully using their copyright-protected work.

That is where BKW Law can help. We are professional copyright infringement attorneys serving Manchester NH and the surrounding areas. We treat each case equally and provide the same expert counsel, representing each client with their best interests in mind. We are determined to do the required research and fact-finding to get you the settlement you deserve when you are involved in a case of copyright infringement. We will also faithfully represent you if you have been accused of copyright infringement. Copyright laws can be confusing to understand. That’s why our attorneys explain everything clearly. If you work with BKW, you can be confident you are working with the best copyright infringement attorneys Manchester NH has to offer.

If you are unhappy with how your intellectual property is being pirated, contact BKW for a consultation. We will outline a plan to secure your material, so it will be protected from those who try to profit illegally from your work. Don’t be unpleasantly surprised the next time you surf the internet and find your professional content or photography posted without your consent. Furthermore, if a copyright infringement suit is being brought against you, please contact us immediately. We know these laws extremely well and will defend you every step of the way. BKW Law will be in your corner fighting for your rights until justice is served.

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