In Memoriam, Kenneth Bouchard, November 27, 2017

Alzheimer's| Honoring Ken | BKWLawyers.comIt is with the deepest regret we inform you that on Monday, November 27, 2017, Attorney Kenneth Bouchard, founding member of this firm, died after a long-battle with young-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.
The name of Ken Bouchard is well known in the New Hampshire legal community. It became synonymous with zealous advocacy and ensuring he fully understood the facts of his clients’ cases right down to the smallest detail. Clients loved his tenacity, his ability to see all angles, and choose the path most likely to succeed. As a result, his clients reaped the benefits of a winning legal record that has been unsurpassed by most. Ken was blessed with a towering intellect, earning a full scholarship to Tufts to study physics and mathematics. From there he went to Yale to study engineering. Only then did his interests turn to the law, graduating from Boston College Law School. With such educational capital and his natural perspicacity, he was a formidable opponent in the court room. No case was too tough for Ken, and he welcomed taking on cases against the largest companies that were represented by the largest law firms. He loved the role of underdog and thrived on representing the proverbial little guy. While his adversaries knew that they would be involved in a tough court battle, Ken’s trial advocacy gained the local respect of the New Hampshire Bar and Judiciary, as well as regional and national recognition as one of the top-rated attorneys in New Hampshire and beyond. Yet, despite his fierce attitude in the court room, Ken endeared himself to juries and impressed judges with his unique ability to simply and plainly demonstrate the application of sometimes complex legal principles to the facts of each case he handled. He was an invaluable resource—the “go-to-guy” – for the younger lawyers who sought his advice on handling complex legal problems. Ken also found the time to be a mentor, whether over morning coffee, a lunch meeting, or, after office hours. Ken knew that a good balance was also important for a healthy office moral. If he expected people to work hard, he also encouraged them to play hard too, regularly scheduling office outings for staff members and end-of-year parties that were famous for their cut-throat Yankee swaps. Ken used his skills in bringing people together after the tragic 9/11 attacks by forming a grass roots non-profit organization, “United We Stand”, which sold patriotic buttons with the proceeds going to disaster relief victims. He is fondly remembered by his law partners from Bouchard, Kleinman & Wright, Paul Kleinman and Nicholas Wright as a brilliant lawyer, a caring business partner, a quick-witted and witty friend and as someone who they will always remember and cherish for his contributions to the law firm and their understanding of the law.

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